Don't 'Play' the Stock Markets 

Dont 'Play' the Stock Markets 

The use of the word “play” when referring to stocks and stock markets is a misnomer that distracts from what should be a serious endeavour.

The word “play” creates a sense of frivolity and suggests that investing in stocks is a game or a form of entertainment. However, investing in equities, especially for the long term by people saving for retirement or their children’s college fund, is a serious business, with significant financial consequences for investors.

To begin with, the word “play” implies that investing in the stock market is a simple and easy task that anyone can do without much effort or expertise. Investing in stocks requires knowledge, skills, and experience. It involves researching companies, analysing financial statements, understanding economic trends, and making informed decisions. Investing is not a game that anyone can play, but an involved process that requires serious consideration.

Moreover, the casual word “play” suggests that investing in stocks is a leisure activity with little or no risk involved. However, the truth is that investing in stocks carries significant risks. The stock market is subject to volatility, and stock prices can fluctuate significantly in response to economic, political, and other factors. Investing in stocks involves a level of uncertainty, and investors must be prepared to bear the risks and potential losses.

Furthermore, the use of the word “play” trivializes the importance of the stock market in our economy. The stock market plays a crucial role in capital formation which should not be relegated to the realm of “play”.

The stock market also provides individuals with the opportunity to invest in the future of our economy and benefit from its growth.

Some individuals may consider investing in stocks as  a game or a form of “pass-time”, in which case one should be clear that one is doing it for fun only. However, serious business commentators, journalists, television presenters, fund managers, analysts and other such professionals should try to avoid using this term.

“How would you play the market?” is not the best way to frame a serious investment question.

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