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Shepherd’s Hill is an India-based investment advisor and asset manager.

Shepherd’s Hill entities are registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), India’s securities market regulator.

Shepherd’s Hill offers investors in India and around the world a way of achieving superior long-term returns on their savings.

Shepherd’s Hill offers advisory services, Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and an Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) – Category III pooled vehicle.

Why Shepherd's Hill?

Established track record

The fund manager has 15+ years experience in the capital markets. Auditor-verified 10+ years investment track record in the Indian public equity markets.

SEBI Registered

Investment Advisor Reg. No.: INA000001035
Portfolio Manager Reg. No.: INP000004748
AIF Cat-III Reg. No.: IN/AIF3/18-19/0626

Key Principles

Integrity is a cornerstone for us. The means are as important as the end. We treat clients like partners. Protection of capital is paramount.

Small independent capital

It's much easier to invest smaller amounts of capital than larger ones, all other things being equal. We use non-associate brokers, bankers, auditors and accountants.


Our long-term time horizon allows us to invest in equity instruments profitably. We ignore the short-term volatility and focus on the 5+ year view.


You pay only if your portfolio does well. We do not charge any PMS client a single rupee in fees that is not linked to our performance. This distinguishes us from our peers.

Asset Management Solutions

By Product / Service

By Tax Status

Frequently Asked Questions

Shepherd’s Hill invests in a portfolio of fundamentally strong and well-run Indian companies. We invest to achieve superior long-term returns by choosing high quality securities at attractive prices. Our primary objective is to protect capital over the long term while providing these superior returns.

Investments in the equity markets are subject to systematic and unsystematic risks. We mitigate systematic short-term risks by setting our time horizon to five plus years. We mitigate unsystematic risks by investing in a diversified portfolio of companies having strong balance sheets, high returns on assets, good governance and sustainable profit margins, among other factors. We focus on the price entry point of a position as a key risk mitigant.

The Shepherd’s Hill group offers different services and products to investors. For the Advisory Services, the minimum is ₹ 15 lacs. For the Portfolio Management Services, the minimum is ₹ 50 lacs. For the Alternative Investment Fund, the minimum is ₹ 1 cr.

To know more about any of our offerings, please visit the respective product page.

Our Partners

We work with some of the most respected names in the financial services industry.

None of these service providers are a related party to the Shepherd’s Hill Group

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Where Our Investors Work

Our investors are highly successful and knowledgeable professionals spanning a gamut of industries and profiles. 

Some of the companies our esteemed clients are associated with are given below.

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B5, STC Society, NS Phadke Marg, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400069.

302, Pinnacle Building, 334/335 North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune 411001.

Phone: +91 20 7127 9247