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Whether you are looking to invest by opening India accounts (NRE, NRO, PINS) or directly from your country of residence in local currency, we have solutions for you. Cross-border investing can be complicated due to regulatory and tax issues in India and your country of residence. Your country of residence will be an important factor in determining the best way to access the Indian markets.

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Non Resident Indian (NRI) Investment Framework

Investment Philosophy

We provide non-resident Indian investors with a long-term, equity-focused value investing option. We look for companies that have intrinsic or inherent value that are not priced correctly by the market for some short-term or irrational reasons. While this is not easy, it is not impossible.

Market Capitalisation-Agnostic

Shepherd's Hill Group, because of its relatively smaller size, is able to take positions in small and medium-capitalisation companies in addition to large, blue chip companies. This size advantage allows us to find mis-priced “hidden gems” along with large, well-known companies.

High Level of Interest Alignment

Regardless of the investment vehicle you select, our fee structures are designed to create a very high level of interest alignment between you, the non-resident Indian investor who is physically located elsewhere, and the Fund Manager.

Balanced Portfolio

We will maintain a balance between diversification and focus by holding roughly 15-20 positions in the portfolio. This framework seeks to avoid the risk of concentration in just a few positions while seeking to outperform the index or the average mutual fund that has 50 or 100 stocks in it.

Focus on Indian Securities

We have a 10-year track record and expertise in the Indian capital markets providing various service options and structures to investors. Our focus is primarily on securities of Indian companies that are listed on the Indian stock exchanges. We can provide turnkey solutions to Non-Resident Indians (NRI) investors.


We use a bottom-up approach to investment management. This means a focus on company-level operations and environments. Investment decisions are made purely on the merits of the security under consideration. We do not perform macro or sector analyses as a starting point for our research.

Protection of Capital

Our primary objective is protection of capital over the long term. Our non-resident Indian investors are saving money for important purposes such as children's education or retirement. The secondary objective is earning superior returns.

Long-term Time horizon

We require all new non-resident Indian investors to commit to an investment time period of 5 years. This long-term perspective allows us to take advantage of "time-arbitrage" opportunities. That is, we buy good, well-run companies at prices that are overly discounted due to short-term considerations.


A PMS, or Portfolio Management Service, is a service which you can use to save and invest money. PMSes can be of many types and have many strategies. Typically, a PMS manager will manage a bank and demat account for our Non-Resident Indian (NRI) investors (in your name) through which you will be able to invest funds. PMSes are regulated entities and must have a license from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

An AIF is a privately pooled investment vehicle which can  comprise Indian and foreign investors. The resources are pooled in the form of a trust and the funds are used for investing in a defined asset class and strategy.

Long term capital gains tax rates are set by the government from time to time. Currently, the LTCG tax rate is 10%.

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