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Hyperlocal Jewellery Brands Dominate Small-Caps, Focus on Tier-II Cities

The top positions in the jewellery index are held by a large-cap and a mid-cap player, both of which are pan-Indian brands with a presence in the country’s top 10 cities. On the other hand, the small cap jewellery firms have chosen to specialize in hyperlocal markets. This strategy offers valuable insights into consumer sentiment across the spectrum.

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Conviction: How We Survived Covid

This conviction is rooted in the investor’s prior research and analysis, and their well-informed assessment that the disaster has not caused irreparable harm to their portfolio companies.

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Small Caps, Overlaps and ChatGPT 

While it’s clear that conversational artificial intelligence is the new technological breakthrough everyone is talking about, using it to improve financial decisions could be tricky because there is a lot of garbage on the internet about finance and investments, that may be confusing or even detrimental if used as inputs to a learning model.

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