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The Changing Complexion of Bank Loans

For the past many years, commercial bankers have been saying that due to India’s high levels of non-performing assets (NPAs) in the corporate sector, they have been focusing more on the retail segment.

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Inflation Seems to Be Creeping In

When fiscal and monetary policy is loose or expansionary, there is always the possibility of inflation creeping into the economy. There are some indications already that we may be headed towards inflationary conditions.

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The Case For Small-Caps

It is useful to think of investment opportunities in the publicly listed space in terms of market capitalisation. “Market-cap” is nothing but the number of outstanding equity shares of a company multiplied by its share price.

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The Best Finance Writer of Our Times

Many people find finance a dry subject. It is true that finance can be difficult to write about and describe. Finance doesn’t lend itself to dramatic scenes in the way that the medical or legal professions do.

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Indian Budget: Stability of Tax Rates

A good feature in the recent Fiscal Year 2022 Indian budget presented by the Finance Minister was the minimal change in tax rates for the year. In the past, many budgets have too frequently raised or lowered taxes for various categories of income as well as for different products and services.

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