A Closer Look at Shepherd's Hill’s Stellar PMS Performance 

Last week, financial media outlets such as Business Today, The Economic Times, and Mint spotlighted Shepherd’s Hill PMS‘ returns for May 2023 as the best in India. While current markets are indeed buoyant and many value investors appear to be doing well, monthly returns represent only a fraction of a company’s performance story. It is our three-year returns and overall track record since inception that truly warrant attention.

A three-year record should serve as the minimum timeframe over which a manager’s success is gauged. Our three-year returns as of May 2023, standing at 45% compounded per annum, narrate a story of strong portfolio recovery from the Covid lows witnessed in the first half of 2020. If available, even better indicators of success are five and ten-year records. Long-term returns showcase a fund manager’s ability to sustain performance over extended periods, weathering various market cycles.

Furthermore, Shepherd’s Hill PMS’ performance since its inception eight years ago is notably robust. With returns at 13.5% compounded per annum, we have outperformed benchmarks over the same period. All performance numbers in this article align with the data submitted to our regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India. These figures indicate the effectiveness of our investment strategy, risk management approach, and commitment to our clients’ long-term goals.

While the media often zeroes in on the most recent figures, savvy investors appreciate the importance of long-term performance. In this regard, Shepherd’s Hill PMS has proven its mettle, consistently delivering impressive results over the years.

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